For Four Years, Trump Has Pushed The Bottom Line Of Democracy; Now, Where Is The Country Going?

As mobsters vandalize the United States Capitol, the veil of the maniac himself divulges. What’s at stake is the very sanity of a nation—and the norm of hundreds of years of democracy.

Never in our wildest imaginations could we envisage a scene comparable with the havoc unfolded on January 6th before our glaring eyes—a flock of domestic terrorists clad in black, wielding flags of Trump’s insignia, brazenly marching almost unresisted into the Congress of the United States.

This could well be the climax of a Marvel movie delineating a terrorist scene, or one moment many individuals hoping to wreak fear in this world could only dream of—yet no, it is the reality. The unthinkable has happened; and it’s been happening for the past four years as Trump tramples on the norms dictating all realms of the past.

Now, that has all came to a halt, at least for the time being.

Incensed by Donald Trump’s provocative speech on Electoral College certification day, a sea of mobs stormed into the US Capitol just as Congress convened to officially certify President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, forcing senators into shelter.

It was not merely a protest. It was a riot, a coup, an insurgence.

This could best be regarded as an epitome of the past four years of uncertainty and a departure from all conventions to where nothing seemed aberrant.

For the past four years, this president has manipulated the system—as best ascribed in a New York Times article setting the current GOP makeup as gamers and breakers—tweaked facts and shaping them into an alternate reality contenting his constituency’s tendency to lies and misguidance.

In the face of a rampant pandemic, he turned to his own political prospects, weighing decisions not based on the well-beings of regular families—but his own favorability, making sure that any action, or inaction, would not hurt himself. He saved face by refusing to cover it, even at the expense of others’ lives.

His stubbornly prejudiced temper put people in hot water—is that really true? Are we seriously standing for that? Was that yet another disingenuous comment awaiting waves of backlashes?

Now, as President Biden took the oath of office back on January 20th, the world witnessed the dawn of a new awakening, and the tarnish of an aberrant era many of us can’t wait to leave behind.

The time has come. The end of a period defined by division and hatred. The founding of a time to restore, and heal—together.

Kuwait City, Kuwait | Writer for ILLUMINATION, Dialogue & Discourse and AOA. Writes about current affairs, social issues, literature, the environment, and more.