Kuwait City, Kuwait | Writer for ILLUMINATION, Dialogue & Discourse and AOA. Writes about current affairs, social issues, literature, the environment, and more.

A president whose arrogant demeanor towards the coronavirus pandemic—defying mask mandates, scoffing at his mask-clad opponent, and even disputing his own public health advisers—has backfired.

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I woke up early in the morning to the stream of notifications bombarding my phone, reading: “Trump, First Lady Tested Positive For The Coronavirus”. …

Market-liberals, and many to the right, seem to offer an immaculate solution on combating climate change—placing economic growth as our paramount goal in our agenda for a greener world. Here’s why they’re wrong.

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The world is encountering a crucial crossroad between economic growth and environmental sustainability. Opinions divide under this…

Short fiction on how solving the climate challenge will come to rely on the sacrifice of the few, held back by the inertia of the many.

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“Did you catch that? Recycling; it’ll save the planet!” She reminded Nadim as the two stepped out of class, dashing for the school gate through rowdy hallways clouded by a joyous quiver of bells.

“You gotta be kidding me. How’s one person gonna make any difference?” He demurred, oppressing a…

Considering current events, one must not gloss over the underlying cultural differences repelling each other—and exacerbates misunderstanding.

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The cultural rift between the United States and China didn’t come in an instant. It took centuries of historical development to morph into the seemingly unbridgeable cultural abyss both countries share today. …

Ray Cheng

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