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Freelance Writer in Environment, Politics and Economics; Scholar located in Kuwait City, Kuwait. | Writer for ILLUMINATION, Dialogue & Discourse and AOA.

A president whose arrogant demeanor towards the coronavirus pandemic—defying mask mandates, scoffing at his mask-clad opponent, and even disputing his own public health advisers—has backfired.

I woke up early in the morning to the stream of notifications bombarding my phone, reading: “Trump, First Lady Tested Positive For The Coronavirus”. A wave of emotions nudged my brain as if I haven’t been fully aroused from my inconceivable dreams.

Yep. Just as we thought things can’t get more messed up than this—following a distasteful presidential debate filled with interruptions and contempt—COVID-19 once again capped our news coverage.

Indeed, this is no misinformation…

Market-liberals, and many to the right, seem to offer an immaculate solution on combating climate change—placing economic growth as our paramount goal in our agenda for a greener world. Here’s why they’re wrong.

The world is encountering a crucial crossroad between economic growth and environmental sustainability. Opinions divide under this critical time: a spectrum of beliefs ranging from market-liberals — advocating for economic growth as a step to appease climate crises — and social greens — viewing the current state of our world as in jeopardy and sees progressive actions as necessary — both with their compelling evidence and reasonings.

In light of World Press Freedom Day, we remind ourselves of the indispensable work made possible by journalists around the world—work we overlook all too easily.

“Freedom of the Press, if it means anything at all, means the freedom to criticize and oppose.”

— George Orwell

This past year, the world has come together—whilst being torn apart—to, after so much tear and despair, recognize the unsung heroes carrying our shriveled bodies forward. We have witnessed healthcare workers travailing to save the lives in the millions with no knowledge of fatigue. We have seen strangers’ rays of sunshine sprinkling over a…

In the midst of all external mayhem, I find solace in words — pure, innocent, sometimes stinging, yet always ineffably narcotic. Word: I admire its nuanced nature as much as envying its volume to move hearts and invigorate souls. Following this mantra, I began, word by word, line after line, one paragraph trailing another, composing my never-ending story; and I could hardly stop. It has me captive, and will not let go or loosen grip.

This, however, has not always been the case.

As even the most established authors understand all too well, writing is no easy task. Yet for…

After reading Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime, I found a vague sense of loss as I grappled with his presence as a no-non-sense comedian of unending wit and a child of color raised under South Africa’s ferocious Apartheid that tore so many families apart.

Throughout the pandemic, company becomes the one piece of solace we sought for. Trevor Noah, with his daily lines of banter, brought us that sense of connection long lost.

Politics is no casual topic, especially in the year of 2020: a frantic presidential election, an aggrieved world grappling with racial and social injustices, an ever-more menacing…

What your instincts tell you is great just may not be what it is.

As so many have stressed on how college application essays are an indispensable part of and how it makes your breaks your entire profile, we have to talk about the key components that make an essay wonderful — not just in an academic sense where you mostly convey an idea, but also to work with the emotions of your reader and appeal to their resonance, a skill not necessarily required for a position paper, for instance.

This may sound like yet another repetition of platitudes: There are no specific story plot nor essay approaches that are going to impress college…

Recently, amid a rise of senseless crimes against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders, many have finally turned to view the issue as a more systemic plague having to be annihilated.

It wasn’t until an elderly Chinese-American man was shoved face-down to the ground before passing away in the hospital did communities across the United States finally recognized the level of hate against Asians that accrued in the coronavirus pandemic.

Lurking behind the blurred violence on that clip is one of pure injustice, a tumor of society traumatizing as it pits one against another.

Many of these incidents come with no clue…

What school taught me, essentially, is to not rely on school for knowledge.

After grinding daily assignments in class while slacking off the lackluster content of chemistry or algebra, I found myself in a place only online schooling could offer—do something you like. This leeway it gave me unveiled something more significant, that I was able to keep management of my own time, with school as a lower priority, paling at its bygone dominance over my life.

Indeed, we spend many more hours at home, eating, pondering life, or under a mode of repose than we do for class, yet we were always told as school always comes as a huge deal that…

As mobsters vandalize the United States Capitol, the veil of the maniac himself divulges. What’s at stake is the very sanity of a nation—and the norm of hundreds of years of democracy.

Never in our wildest imaginations could we envisage a scene comparable with the havoc unfolded on January 6th before our glaring eyes—a flock of domestic terrorists clad in black, wielding flags of Trump’s insignia, brazenly marching almost unresisted into the Congress of the United States.

This could well be the climax of a Marvel movie delineating a terrorist scene, or one moment many individuals hoping to wreak fear…

Paris Climate Accords

Signed in 2016, the Paris Climate Accords, or commonly known as the Paris Agreement, was the latest milestone to integrate all countries under one platform to take tangible actions toward the paramount objective — combating the imminent threat of climate change with the specific goal of keeping the increase of temperature below two degrees celsius. The agreement recognizes the atmosphere as a common good and undue practices by whichever party will end up in a tragedy of the commons. The accords require all signatories to set up reasonable environmental goals (e.g. curbing carbon emissions by 5%) and…

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